Our Strategy

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01. Beat Matching

The first step is to ensure your ear is trained to match up your current song with the next.

We will show you, through repetitive practice, how to quickly match the beat of the new song (in your headset) with the song playing through the speakers. We’ll initially show you how to do it visually (the easy way), then have you practice using just your ear. Once you can match the beat & tempo of new song without effort, you’re ready for the next step!

02. Mixing

The exact time in which you bring a new song in, along with when to fade-out/cut-out is critical.

Timing is everything. Fading in/out a song at the right time while negotiating bass, Sound FX, energy of song, will only put smiles on the faces of your dance floor compadres.

03. Speed

Once you have learned the art of Beat Matching & Mixing, you’re now ready to speed up your response time.

This is when you log your hours on the turntables. Once you have solidified your skill in quickly mixing, we then work on more advanced scenarios. This hands on learning builds confidence that trains your quick response mechanism to deal with anything that comes up (distractions, missed quepoints, lost crowd, etc).

04. Track Selection

Track selection is the most critical choice you make on stage.

Your crowd expects an energy and style of music. When you deliver, you are loved! We focus on the what your crowd is needing, while allowing you to infuse the fun technical abilities you have developed. As part of this training, we will teach you the necessary skill of harmonic mixing (song key) and provide you a swift way of learning which songs work together, and which do not.

05. Appearance

Once you are skilled as a DJ, you are ready to build a presence, on stage and online.

As part of our DJ PROFESSIONAL COURSE, we place you in one of the big clubs in Los Angeles or Orange County. That will be sweet for your DJ resume, however venues care about one thing; how many people you can get in the door. The more people you bring, the more you’re booked and the larger the stage.

Your earlier training is focused on skill set. At this point, you will focus on what is needed to fulfill your goal.

Develop skill, speed, confidence, an appealing image. And the crowd follows!